Having worked within the equine and farming industries for many years, we understand how your business works, recognising the hazards and risks and making positive WHS changes, without impacting on your operations.

After implementing the WHS system, we stay with you for the journey. We ensure all legislative requirements are met on an ongoing basis, conduct staff training and keep you up to date, as laws and regulations change.


At Safe Industries Australia, we believe it is possible to meet the legislative requirements needed to reduce the risk of WHS prosecution, without introducing an over-complicated system.

We provide consultation to review and assess your workplace, then all the tools, policies and guidance you need to put a successful and simple WHS system in place.

To ensure you and your staff keep up to date with changes, we conduct regular safety meetings and tool box talks throughout the year, as well as training, mentoring and coaching sessions.The result is a safety culture within your business, reduction in incidents, accidents and injuries and a practical and convenient way to ensure the health and safety of your workers.

Industry Sectors

We draw on our experience across all types of industries, to assist with a workplace health and safety package that fits your business.

  • WHS expertise in industries such as cattle and sheep, farming, mining, retail, transport, food manufacturing, stockfeed manufacturing, commercial kitchens, race clubs, earth moving, vineyards and construction.
  • Work with some of Australia’s leading horse studs and agricultural businesses and understand that the hazards and risk associated are unique and require specialist knowledge.
  • Assist on occupational tasks such as: branding foals, drenching, leading and handling horses, moving mares and foals through a crush, rugging and unrugging, serving a mare to a stallion and towing a horse float.
  • Advise on day-to-day agricultural operations such as: operation of a quad bike or four wheeler motorbike, mig welding, angle grinder, tractor operation, fencing, wire straining and chainsaw operation.

Cloud Based Platform

Our platform makes WHS simple.

  • The platform allows you to easily track and manage induction processes. Ensuring everyone working within your business, from contractors, to permanent and casual staff are safe
  • No more wasting time looking for the latest version of your policies and procedures; keep them all centralised and easy to store, find and use whenever, wherever, by whoever
  • We’ll provide you with Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and store these on the platform, so they are easily accessible when you need them
  • The platform makes complying with Australian workplace, health and safety (WHS) laws easily manageable, as all your information is fingertip ready, tracked and up to date
  • House a map of your worksite on the platform, including GPS pinpoints showing hazardous areas, to aid inductions and provide to emergency services. The platform can complete the requirements for fire services.
  • The platform completes all necessary warden training for Emergency Control Operations

Consultation & Implementation

Implementing workplace health and safety can have an impact on the day-to-day running of your business, so we work to minimise this as much as possible, through a collaborative consultancy process.

We can work on a project basis, or conduct a review of your entire business to provide an assortment of procedures, policies and safe work method statements (SWMS), which will reduce risks and potential exposure to the financial or legal consequences of a workplace accident or incident.

Through our bespoke WHS platform, implementing and managing the safety of employees is simple and we understand that a successful WHS system isn’t a set and forget process, so we provide support, advice and guidance on an ongoing basis.

Risk assessment, review and audits

If you do not currently have a WHS system in place, an inspection and risk assessment is the first step in ensuring all bases are covered, when it comes to providing a safe workplace.

We keep the process quick, thorough and adaptable. For most equine, farm and agricultural workplaces the process goes like this:

  • Conduct an initial inspection of the site to identify risks
  • A risk assessment document is produced identifying areas to reduce hazards
  • Build a written plan and next steps to implement changes and educate staff

For businesses who have existing WHS, but need a refresh or overhaul, an audit and review is the first port of call:

  • Conduct a review of your current system
  • Produce an audit report to identify areas to be changed or updated
  • Build a written plan and next steps to implement changes and educate staff

In both scenarios, the written WHS management plan will include best practice guidance, policies, procedures and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Job Safety Analysis (JSA) or Safe Operating Procedure (SOP), as required and tailored to your business.

Employee induction

Ensuring your seasonal, contract and full-time staff are fully informed, regulation-compliant and aware of their safety responsibilities in the workplace, can be extremely time consuming.

Our WHS platform is designed to take this process from stressful to simple.

New staff members can login remotely and complete their induction in their own time and pace, with the ability to save their progress and resume in the same place when they log back in.

Contractors, such as vets, farriers, horse handlers or tradespeople can complete inductions offsite, so they are ready to start as soon as they arrive and compliant each time they come back

Existing staff can use the platform to refresh their WHS each year, and will be sent a reminder when the due date is coming up

Administrator login allows you to monitor inductions, including who has completed them, who has tried the assessment, if they passed or how many times they have failed, allowing you to know if they may require further assistance.

The result is full control and management over the safety education of everyone working onsite, in an easy to use, time-saving system.  

Policies & Procedures

Keeping all your documentation up to date and in our WHS platform makes for more efficient, reliable and compliant work health and safety.

We have a background in employment law and a wide range of experience access the equine, farming, agricultural industries, amongst many more. This means our extensive library of policies and best practice documents make drawing up the right one for your business, quick and simple.

Examples of policies, procedures and documents we supply include:

  • WHS/OHS policies
  • Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Safe Operating Procedures (SOP) or Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Staff WHS handbooks
  • Contractors WHS handbooks
  • Toolbox talk refreshers
  • Casual workers handbooks

Trusted Team

Established over a decade ago, we’re a trusted national work health and safety (WHS) consultancy firm servicing clients Australia wide.

We’re proud of our clients service; providing assistance and advice to ensure all WHS requirements are carried out with professionalism, specialist expertise and a good understanding of the individual needs of each business we work with.

Experience and customer service is what differentiates us from others. There are no shortcuts to decades of knowledge.

This experience is only gained in stables, shearing sheds, serving barns and paddocks. Those are the places where our staff have done the hard yards.