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There are many benefits to putting a Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) system in place within your business, other than providing a safe workplace. These include increasing staff morale and reducing turnover, lowering costs associated with equipment damage and building your reputation within the industry, but many traditional WHS systems are complicated to manage and maintain.

Safe Industries Australia make the whole process simple. From initial consultation, to ongoing support and our purpose-built platform, our long-standing expertise on WHS, means we’re one of Australia’s most trusted thoroughbred horse stud and agricultural industry WHS experts.

Cloud Based Platform

We understand that you’re time-poor, so our bespoke WHS platform is simple to use, it keeps all your policies and procedures in one place and up to date. Enabling you and your team to access all WHS information and worker induction documents instantly, 24/7 and from any device. You also have the ability to save and return at any time.

Employee Induction

Ensuring your workers understand their health and safety responsibilities is vital to a safe workplace and a legislative requirement. Our WHS platform means staff can be inducted before they arrive onsite, used to refresh existing staff year-on-year and provide a certificate of completion.

Inspection, Identification & Risk Assessment

Our initial inspection will identify potential hazards and assess equipment and chemicals to ensure safe use. We will then produce a hazard and risk assessment document, this tool acts as a reference point, to check that all areas of risk are covered, and is a requirement of WHS legislation.

Audit & Review of WHS Systems

Not sure if your current WHS system is adequate or up to date? We will review areas of risk across your workplace. We use this audit to create a comprehensive report, ensuring your new WHS system is complete with safe work methods statements, job safety analysis and safe operating procedures.

Policies & Procedures

From workplace health and safety policies, staff handbooks, to safe work method statements – and everything in between. We’ve built up a library of drafted policies and procedures for all sorts of industries, and will develop best practice policies to ensure your workplace meets compliance, in a way that’s uncomplicated and saves time.

Trusted Team

We’re proud to serve businesses Australia-wide, with a combined 75 years of experience across the agricultural and farming industries, employment and WHS law and training. We become trusted members of our client’s team, offering a thorough knowledge of WHS, with hands-on knowledge gained from personal experience.

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